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We are a technology & consulting company focused on custom software and product development. As a team of experts, we work with technology that makes a difference and has a tangible impact on the world of everyday life, supporting clients’ business and digital transformation.

Combining cutting-edge technology, people’s talent, and innovation, we create end-to-end robust software solutions that help our clients accelerate their business development with the latest technology advances. Our solutions use artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, big data, business intelligence, and advanced analytics to provide scalable, reliable software that gives businesses unlimited flexibility to changing needs.

Key facts:

  • Year to year our revenue grows by more than 100% exceeding 30 Mio previous year.
  • We are scaling up the company with a target of 250 people by the end of 2022.
  • We are a great team of experts in our field.
  • The vast majority of our clients are from foreign countries.

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Business Area Partner (Renewable energy)

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The role of Partner in Codibly is therefore demanding, requiring the individual to demonstrate exemplary behaviours in support of our business goals and values. It is incumbent upon the Partner to operate successfully in the market, to develop and to introduce new ideas to clients, to share innovative insights across the firm, to be acknowledged as a great leader and to have endless energy for making Codibly’ business successful.

Our intention is that the Partners Team be composed only of high calibre individuals, high in integrity, capable of leadership in all practices and disciplines and in managing the business of Codibly.

As a Partner – you will be responsible for the renewable energy practice, working with the industry leaders, creating visionary products and setting up the standards. Our team is committed to making the world greener. Join us if you want to take part in creating top-notch software that is making a difference.



  • You identify business opportunities and convert them into major revenue streams for Codibly in your practice area
  • You deeply understand client needs & behaviors, develop new client insights
  • You develop growth business strategy around practice business area, marketing, client acquisition, structure and tactics to increase our revenue
  • You are involved actively in preparing major winning sales proposals and leading key presentations
  • You build and maintain effective client networks and relationships as a result of great work and the application of good account development disciplines
  • You are in constant demand by clients in your practice area expertise
  • You look constantly for and close new business opportunities that develop Codibly’s business in line with our strategy



  • You ensure the right behaviours are demonstrated at all times, both from themselves and from the teams, and address poor behaviour
  • You are a role model for other in your practice team – how best to pursue a clear career path and display a set of behaviours that others can seek to emulate
  • You value each other’s input and commit significant personal effort towards developing everybody who work with you
  • You are constant source of expertise for colleagues, who will turn naturally to you
  • You develop new and provide day-to-day coaching and training of coworkers as a routine part of assignment supervision
  • You engage and communicate persuasively at all levels



  • You demonstrate that you know best how to sell and execute work for clients and understand the consultancy selling model
  • You ensure that each assignment is used to enhance the knowledge pool within Codibly and to develop our teams and business
  • You develop and use risk management processes diligently, involve senior management where appropriate, to ensure that risks associated with practice business are always minimised
  • You take responsibility for the commercial implications of your business decisions
  • You have growing responsibility for the governance of the firm and actively contribute to its change processes.
  • You develop and manage cooperation with strategic partners
  • You present reports and realistic forecasts to the Board and Management Team


  • You have at least 6 years of international B2B business development experience in the top tier consulting firms/ hyper-growth companies, especially in software development area.
  • You have previous experience as a Business Unit Manager/Growth Manager/Managing Partner/Consultant.
  • You perceive yourself as a multidimensional leader, who combines competencies form different areas: business development, consulting selling or people and organizational leadership.
  • You have years of professional experience in the renewable energy industry and ability to identify service, support risks and associated solutions within this environment.
  • You have very good knowledge of the renewable energy sector.
  • You build strong network across the renewable energy circles.
  • You consistently achieve your profit targets and  do not spend money wastefully.
  • You have strong ability to maintain strategies, facilitate innovation and develop business in a highly complex environment.
  • You have strong experience on delivery of the highest quality service to clients, maximising client satisfaction and delivering profits for organisation.
  • You are a manager who understands numbers and their importance in business – you are an Excel driven person.
  • You have excellent mentoring, coaching and people management skills; ability to be a leader for a team.
  • You have excellent command of English with effective business communication skills (C1-C2 level is a must).
  • You are team player with strong communication skills, focusing on what brings value, eager to drive change by taking the initiative, and caring for an open and friendly atmosphere.


Be the part of business change in Codibly - build and develop your own practice/business area, as an high expert for clients and our team.

Competitive salary with significant bonuses tightly connected with performance: 500k - 900k per annum.

Be engaged in Codibly wide initiatives, build and develop growth strategy for whole organisation.

Be the part of Top Management in the company involved in developing our business and real influence on company culture.

Respect. Time is crucial for all of us, that is why we guarantee a quick and efficient recruitment process.

A non-corporate atmosphere full of openness to innovation, improvement, teamwork, and a data-driven approach and a hybrid model of working.

Private healthcare, Cafeteria System and other benefits.

Manage your own budget for you and your team personal development purposes e.g. workshops, courses, books, conferences.

A nice and spacious office just in the heart of Zabłocie, a few minutes walking distance from tasty places like GoodLood, Orzo, Manoa, Bowlo, Pochlebstwo and many others!

Hardware and system you like: MacBook / Dell, Windows / Linux / macOS.

Lots of fun with us - hiking, cooking workshops or wine tasting together? No problem at all!

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