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08/2017 – 03/2018

About PA Consulting

PA Consulting Group is a global consultancy company that’s bringing ingenuity to life. PA Consulting implements ingenious business strategies across a wide range of industries, helping companies incorporate the latest technology achievements and innovations into their business growth.

In the energy and utilities sector, PA Consulting specializes in: asset management, cybersecurity, performance improvement, markets and regulations, technology and innovations.

Business needs

  • Creating a fully automated and innovative recommendation system for Energy Portfolio Owners, based on the operating principle of the current system that was built in the Excel and Visual Basics of Applications scripting
  • The new solution should be able to process big amounts of data without overloading PA hardware
  • Enhancing solution capabilities – current solution needed a lot of time to provide recommendations; due to multiple modules and numerous different spreadsheet styles and formulas, the whole process was slow. The current solution was unable to work with big data files


The role of Codibly was to rebuild an extended version of the current solution to provide accurate energy resources recommendations for better strategic business decisions. The main focus was put on execution time optimization and general efficiency of data processing.

  • The application was moved to the AWS cloud to gain dynamic computing power and eliminate previous issues caused by insufficient data processing capability
  • To handle large processes, we optimized process execution time by increasing computation performance. The tool is now capable of delivering search results within minutes instead of hours
  • Recommendation engine driven by Machine Learning model, based on deep insights and industry knowledge of PA, provides resources assets recommendations supporting business growth of Energy Portfolio Owners
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  • Recommendation generation time reduced to minutes instead of hours
  • Application prepared for portfolios 10 times bigger than Excel file was able to handle 100s MegaBytes)
  • Robust data import process enables spotting issues in the input files much quicker

Green impact

Better decision-making process of Energy Portfolio Owners enables beneficiary investments in renewable resources, increasing energy efficiency, replacing energy generated from fossil fuels with clean energy, and reducing carbon footprint.


Client_Testimonial Codibly

“They’ve gone above and beyond. They suggested a few things we hadn’t considered and we’re very appreciative of them. Given their value and professionalism, I would definitely refer them to anybody”

Charles Janecek
Principal Consultant, PA Consulting Group

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