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About BioLap

BioLap, a company located in London, is a business intelligence software consultancy that designs, implements, and supports planning, analysis, and reporting solutions. The company specializes in designing data warehouse solutions. It is also a sales and distribution partner of US-based PARIS Technologies, arcplan Enterprise, Microsoft BI products, and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. It has worked for more than seven years with these products in delivering innovative solutions to companies in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe and South Africa.

Business needs

BioLap was looking for a partner who could support the project for the international insurance and reinsurance broker. BIOLAP’s  client wanted to conduct migration from on-premise SQL server to a cloud-based Microsoft Azure environment and BIOLAP didn’t have the necessary IT capacity to accomplish the tasks in-house.

Main requirements: 

  • Providing accurate reporting data on a daily basis without interrupting the existing end of day processes and backup works
  • The significant size of data (up to millions of records in single tables)
  • Need to perform complex transformations and calculations 
  • Short time for the overnight load due to the staff operating in the time zones around the world


  • Building  a data repository in the Microsoft Azure environment
  • Optimization of the performance of the data load process
  • Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in the infrastructure
  • Azure doesn’t have “out of the box” data feed facilities that offer the ability to schedule and run a job or series of procedures. Codibly team had to integrate programmatic setups and ‘run-tables’ to facilitate the entire load, transformation, and processing of the data warehouse to be conducted in Azure. That required repointing the load tables to the source tables in Oracle. Once the data was loaded, several tests were run a day, speeding up the process and scaling Azure up and down until we found the optimum price-performance point.
  • After creating the load process, a scheduled process was designed to drop and recreate indices and schedule the transformation process before publishing the data to users. 
  • Conducting a handover session where Codibly team transferred the intellectual property to the internal team of BIOLAP, allowing to maintain the platform in the future.


  • Successful migration of the end client from an on-premise SQL server to a cloud-based Microsoft Azure environment
  • Integrated programmatic setups and ‘run-tables’ to facilitate the entire load, transformation, and processing of the data warehouse
  • Reduced overnight load time from 5 to 2.5 hours
  • Created scalable and reliable data pipeline that was able to process and store terabytes of data
  • Created automated ETL pipelines that run hundreds of tasks each day


Client_Testimonial Codibly

“Their team is extremely impressive, consistently willing to take on difficult projects and meet tight deadlines. They run a software developers association in Poland that allows them to quickly locate skilled resources on short notice, which we greatly appreciate. Unlike many other companies, they put in the effort to not just finish a project but to make it as good as possible”.

Theunis Viljoen
Senior Partner, BioLap

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