Optimization of energy fulfillment platform development


Energy & Utilities


Renewables, Solar / Photovoltaics, Energy Storage, Battery Management Systems, Smart Grid, Demand Response, VPP


04/19 - 02/20

About Client

Company in the energy industry headquartered in Germany. It produces home energy storage systems for private households and small businesses. The company is considered the market leader in Germany and additional international markets.

Client’s company specializes in:

  • Energy storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Backup power reliability

The company’s goal is a world in which everyone is able to cover their energy needs with a decentralized and clean energy source. A world emancipated from the dependence on fossil fuels and anonymous energy corporations.

Business needs

  • Capability of managing more than 100 000+ customers annually, using scalable processes enabling the company to operate globally
  • Implementation of the customer journey integrated with PVs, batteries, and services – creating a seamless, home-energy-supply experience
  • Reducing expensive and unnecessary costs (up to 90%) by introducing highly automated, scalable solutions
  • Service delivery and development optimization


Codibly was responsible for the overall optimization of the global fulfillment platform development. Our scope of work included improvements for the management of the individual energy tariffs for platform customers, simultaneous product/process changes roll-out into all markets, supporting various business models, vertical integrations, and integrating multiple customer applications into one consistent user experience.

Our client’s goal was to extend platform capabilities in terms of supporting the growing number of users. To achieve that, Codibly optimized the solution by increasing the scalability and reliability of the system.

Automation implemented withing the deployment pipeline and comprehensive automated tests minimized developers’ involvement and ensured the continuity of the proper functioning of the platform.


  • The platform gained the capability of managing more than 100 000+ customers annually and scalable processes that allow Codibly’s client to operate globally
  • Customer journey integration includes connection with PVs, batteries, and services, forming the seamless home-energy-supply experience
  • Costs reduction (up to 90%) due to introducing high automation and scalability to the essential processes
  • Optimized delivery and development services that translate into a fast to market, easy to roll-out features platform capable of supporting  various business models and vertical integrations
  • Increased application performance by 50%
  • Integrated multiple services into one customer application
  • An automated process of deployment reducing DevOps involvement by 80%

Green impact

  • Clean back-up: a platform prioritizes keeping batteries charged and ready for grid interruption, using only solar power
  • Rate arbitrage – prioritizes the use of battery and renewable sources to run the loads
  • The platform sets priorities to use sustainable energy as a default energy resource

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