Hubject - Quality as a Service






09/2021 - 12/2021

About Hubject

Since 2012, Hubject’s mission is to provide customer-friendly charging. The international eRoaming platform connects over 750 charging providers and stations, giving EV drivers seamless charging across borders. It is a neutral and open marketplace that serves as an ideal ground for plenty of business models and solutions. Along with its partners, Hubject works to make electric mobility reliable, accessible, and easy for everyone.

Business needs

  • Better quality data exchange across the whole platform in order to acquire new partners, get higher satisfaction from current customers, and thus higher customer retention rates, as well as open the possibility of creating new revenue streams.


Codibly created a solution that validates all EVSE data and generates reports detailing incorrections or abnormalities. Thanks to our experience within the energy industry, we were able to help with the backend development of the biggest eRoaming platform for E-Mobility.


  • Potential new revenue streams.
  • Clients receive detailed reports that are created automatically.
  • Clients are able to verify the correctness of data coming from the EV chargers.