IoTecha - OCPP 1.6 Server implementation






08/2021 - 09/2021

About IOTecha

IoTecha is a US-based company accelerating the Electric Vehicle revolution by providing critical hardware and software components for the Smart Charging infrastructure and enabling the integration of tens of millions of EVs (Electric Vehicles) with the Power Grid. They supply their products and services all over the world. IoTecha’s team offers all kinds of hardware development services, from integrating devices to delivering ready-to-use products. Apart from that, they offer a full range of embedded software development as well as end-to-end solutions.

Business needs

  • Implementation of OCPP 1.6J protocol connectivity – communication and data exchange between electric vehicle charging points and central control systems.


Codibly was responsible for the backend development of implementing OCPP protocol. We leveraged our game-changing microservices to complete the full project in just one month. Besides various benefits in terms of manufacturer-independent communication between charging points and charging infrastructure management systems, Codibly’s OCPP Server provides scalable architecture, high-security standards, and endless opportunities for customization.


  • A great foundation for custom domain logic.
  • OCPP server handles all essential messages.
  • Bi-directional communication with a wide range of chargers.
  • Supporting smart-charging, V2G, and Plug&Charge technology.
  • Easy integration with existing EMS and the domain services responsible for data processing and configuration.