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04/2018 – 02/2019

About Nordex Group

Nordex Group, a Germany-based company, one of the largest wind turbine manufacturer which offers customized service for all wind turbines on a worldwide scale. Their wind turbine systems enable long-term economical power production using wind energy in all geographical and climatic conditions. The Nordex Group, which also includes the Spanish subsidiary Acciona Windpower since April 2016, has installed wind power turbines with an overall capacity of more than 25 GW in over 25 markets.

Business needs

  • Connecting many distributed applications responsible for monitoring the condition of the wind farms into a single management system
  • Improving the speed of error tracking and fixing processes
  • Development of an efficient system solution, fully integrated with new IoT technology standards and features


Codibly was responsible for the development and implementation of the scalable and reliable backend infrastructure for the CCA (Control Center Application), as well as building the application that will provide an ergonomic work environment for the support operators.

The role of Codibly was to develop and implement

  • Control Center Application created by Codibly team is a cloud-based industrial IoT solution for wind turbines management, which enables Nordex Group to monitor, manage, analyze, plan, and predict every aspect of the wind farm portfolio and asset management within a single tool
  • CCA enables triggering off and putting on hold wind turbines in real-time from any location, depending on the forecasting and reporting modules data insights that help with increasing effectiveness of challenges management, such as grid curtailment, unplanned downtime, and dynamic power prices
  • Machine learning-based mechanism of overall digital condition monitoring identifies potential faults at an early stage and allows avoiding expensive failures, reducing wear on components, and production loss
  • Codibly created a business rules engine responsible for support operators’ work automation. They can create rules within the system, capable of fixing known and identified issues without human involvement
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  • Development of all-in-one solution providing a 360-degree overview of the fleet: 8000 wind farms, 200 000 wind turbines, 2 000 000 devices, 20 live measurements (second by second), over 100 measurements (minute by minute), 100GB ingested daily
  • Advanced business rules engine allowing work automation and reducing the reaction on issues time
  • Tight integrations with all company internal business systems

Green impact

Application allowed Nordex Group to provide high-level support, making their equipment and used technology more reliable, long-lasting, and efficient. Nordex Group Wind Farm Management provided more power to the grid, reducing the usage of fossil fuels and, as a result, carbon footprint.