TrueEnergy - Connectivity Platform for Electric Vehicles


Energy and Utilities


Electric Vehicles, Vehicle to Grid


03/2020 - present

About TrueEnergy

TrueEnergy is a small startup company that was founded to put an end to the challenges EV owners face every day. Through automated and intelligent charging combined with smart grid integrated flexibility services, the company provides EV owners with easy and convenient ways that are not only climate-friendly but also cheap. 

Their app has many features that allow you to:

  • Charge Your Electric Car – Once you let the app know by when your vehicle needs to be charged, the app will do the rest for you.
  • Control Your Smart Home – Save time, money, and CO2 emissions with the app. How? With True Energy you’ll be able to control all of your home devices and let them do all of the chores when the power is greenest and cheapest.
  • Balance The Grid – The Big Battery is your answer to balancing the electricity grid and lowering the need for fossil fuels, as well as new power lines.

Business needs

  • Development of a system for end-users to consume energy in an automatic, reliable, friendly environment that allows them to save money.
  • Development of a core platform that enables control of the smart charge of EVs and their battery storage.
  • Participating in Virtual to Grid, demand/response systems using the batteries from the connected EVs.
  • Fast time to market and develop innovative solutions (e.g. Big battery).


  • The backend system that is able to control smart charging according to the configured charge rules.
  • Participating in real-time Virtual to Grid process (Big Battery).
  • Providing TSO a flexibility time to help offload grid power consumption in a certain timeframe in the geographic regions controlled by the TSO.
  • Providing a solution to interact with public or B2B EV chargers.


  • Increased robustness.
  • Increased control of offline cars.
  • Easy integration of new charger brands.