Bruce, who after years of holding senior engineering leadership positions at technology companies (like Itron, Enphase Energy, and Sunrun), has founded a consulting company – The Boost Group to work with small businesses and startups concerning product definition, development, and engineering management. He supports them with extensive experience related not only to industry knowledge but also to product development methods and management of engineering teams.

Codibly has a lot to offer when it comes to technological innovations for renewable energy. For over the past eight years the company has been helping energy companies in Europe and the United States to have a real impact on the environment by empowering companies’ strategic assets. Codibly focuses on developing operation management platforms, battery storage and management, demand response/smart grid solutions, wind turbine/solar farm management platforms, and other technologies that help to transform energy businesses into digitalized and efficient enterprises with digital sustainability as the very core of their strategy.

The cooperation of both companies will be focused on the Bay Area region.

“I’m excited to start a collaboration with Mr. Angelis and the Boost Group. Bruce has got over 20 years of experience developing systems for the energy industry (including distributed energy resource management). His passion is leading small and medium-sized agile teams to build innovative solutions. It’s important for Codibly to engage with start-up entrepreneurial activities within the US. Having Bruce with his experiences in driving those activities will be a value to our customers as well as enabling us to expand within the San Francisco & California market. Looking forward to collaborating together!” says Bartosz Majewski, CEO of Codibly.

“Partnering with Codibly brings my clients energy expertise and resource scaliblity that I could not efficently provide before. Their commitment to the renewable energy space compliment The Boost Group’s domain focus perfectly. Our clients will quickly benefit from this partnership by leveraging Boost’s consulting contributions, with Codibly’s proven success in sofware product development. Codibly and Boost are collaborating for those industry innovators who require flexible teams with energy expertise at competative rates” says Bruce Angelis, founder and principal consultant at The Boost Group LLC.


The Boost Group contact information:

[email protected]

(+1) 650 524 5506