Grid Services and Resource Formation

EnergyHub’s platform excels in delivering real and reactive power control for advanced grid services. This capability is essential for integrating renewable resources at scale while maintaining a reliable grid. The Mercury DERMS platform, part of EnergyHub’s suite, supports the complete DER lifecycle—acquisition, enrollment, and aggregation—by integrating with leading DER vendors through open-standards and protocols​​.

Situational Awareness

The platform’s situational awareness feature is critical for utilities that need visibility into grid-edge resources. It allows for comprehensive DER monitoring, offering insights into connectivity, operating mode, and real-time load, which are crucial for informed utility load management strategies. Furthermore, the platform’s flexibility and load forecasting provide continual insight on expected, aggregated resource availability, equipping operators to predict load activity accurately​​.

Optimized Control

At the heart of EnergyHub’s ecosystem is its AI-enabled control optimization framework. By applying machine learning to build physical models for each DER, it ensures that control strategies are not only optimal but also consider customer constraints and external factors such as weather conditions. Autonomous services within the platform enable automated load reduction in response to external data feeds, including grid operations and market feeds. This intelligent operation allows for aggressive load shed targets while preserving customer satisfaction​​.

Codibly's EnergyHub Integration Accelerator

Based on client needs and past project experience with implementing communication protocols to enable Demand Response, Codibly has developed an accelerator for fast and efficient integration with EnergyHub’s platform. This solution is crafted to speed up the adoption of EnergyHub’s advanced energy management features, making it straightforward for businesses to get started. Our accelerator helps ensure compliance and integration with EnergyHub is done in a reliable, cost-effective manner. This service underscores Codibly’s dedication to enabling businesses to swiftly harness innovative energy solutions in the ever-evolving energy landscape.

If you need help with implementing California Rule 21, reach out to us. As a trusted technological partner, one of our Experts would be happy to support your business in the process!