Who takes part in the initiative?

Together with Polish IT for Ukraine we’ve coined a Steering Committee from almost 1000 ICT companies from the following organizations:


  1. Software Development Association Poland (180 members) 
  2. ITCorner (110 members) 
  3. The Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (120) 
  4. Cluster CyberMadeinPoland
  5. The ICT Cluster of Pomerania (73 members)
  6. Tech To The Rescue (400 companies)
  7. Digital Poland Foundation 
  8. Justjoin.it
  9. The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications  

Actions speak louder than words

What we actually do?

  • Direct Cooperation with Foundation Ukraine (based in Wrocław, Poland) in order to donate funds
  • Gathering verified information about the current needs straight from Ukraine with IT Ukraine Association  
  • Raising money to purchase medical / humanitarian / tactical goods from verified partners.
  • Supplying critical needs of goods for hospitals, battalions, and Ukrainian Districts.
  • Providing legal help for the refugees in Poland.
  • Fighting fake news.
  • Supporting NGOs by designing digital solutions that are crucial for them to run their activities
  • Providing cyber-secure communication platform between Ukraine and supply chain.

Supply chain and procurement verification

Join us

Every day our eastern neighbors need large amounts of goods and equipment that are essential to survive and fight the enemy. All the funds that are raised and donated to the Ukraine Foundation are used to support Ukrainian civilians. Join our initiative and help us raise more than 100,000 PLN.

Make a donation to the Ukraine Foundation here.