This is why we’ve created Codibly Energy Academy that helps IT engineers gain knowledge of a variety of energy-related subjects and make them ready for building and development of IT solutions in the energy sector.

How it works?

Codibly Energy Academy is a series of workshops for developers, QA and DevOps engineers, who aspire to work with software dedicated to the energy sector.

After each course, participants receive access to materials (presentation and video recording) that allow them to prepare for the online test. The attendees, who successfully passed the tests, receive a Codibly Energy Certificate.

It also applies to the new employees: training materials and tests are part of the onboarding process. Thanks to that, the new-hired developers can quickly learn the specifics of Codibly projects and engage in the day-to-day world of energy.

What topics are included?

Topics covered during the workshops include basic definitions, schemes of energy installations, demand response, energy storage, as well as market trends and useful tips.

Energy Academy is divided into 4 main areas:

“The academy is excellent for gaining and expanding knowledge in the field of renewable energy sources and technologies. It gives us a solid basis to learn the specifics of the industry. Thanks to this, we can create technologies that fully meet the expectations of our Clients” – says Jarosław Kuliga, Junior Frontend Developer at Codibly.