Our origin is excellence in software. We started as a software house with fifteen people on board, wanting to deliver perfect technology solutions. Now, in 2019, when we’re a team of over sixty talents and still growing, we’re extending it into technology that makes a difference and has a tangible impact on the world of everyday life. Our goal is to actively take part in creating a positive future for both clients’ business and the environment.

This is why our focus concentrates on harnessing cutting-edge technology, talent, and innovation to create sustainability solutions for the Energy and Utilities industry in particular. We believe that’s the area we can impact the most, transforming energy businesses into digitalized and efficient enterprises with digital sustainability as the very core of their strategy.

This evolution of Codibly came naturally, as we’ve been delivering advanced technology solutions for Energy & Utilities, especially renewables, green & clean tech. For over eight years we’ve been helping this industry to bring a real impact on the environment and empowering energy companies’ strategic assets. Now we want to make it our official mission – to unlock this huge potential and transform it into clean energy available for everyone.

Join us in accelerating the sustainability (r)evolution and make a real impact with Codibly!