The journey towards this partnership began earlier this year with a strict due diligence process, reflecting the mutual ambitions and strategic vision of both companies. For Spyrosoft, this move is a notable step in executing their strategy for 2022-2026, aimed at expanding capabilities and diversifying client offerings. By integrating Codibly into its fold, Spyrosoft enhances its footprint in emerging sectors such as eMobility and renewable energy and and solidifies its presence in new markets.


Multiple benefits for Codibly's clients, partners and employees

For Codibly’s  clients, this means expanded capabilities and an enhanced global presence, enabling us to deliver solutions with even greater depth and scale. It also allows us to leverage synergies with other Spyrosoft entities, enhancing our ability to manage complex international projects and share expertise across diverse markets.

Joining Spyrosoft’s global network of offices, including locations in America, Asia, and Europe, enables Codibly to provide seamless solutions and support worldwide, leveraging localized expertise and comprehensive regional coverage. This expansion significantly enhances our capacity to deliver greater value and innovation, meeting the diverse needs of our clients more effectively. With more than 1,600 experts combined across all entities and expertise areas, our joint teams integrate strong technological competence with deep domain knowledge and extensive business experience.

– Joining forces with Codibly marks a significant milestone for Spyrosoft – stated Konrad Weiske, CEO of Spyrosoft. “Codibly brings over a decade of expertise in custom software development, particularly in electromobility and renewable energy sectors. Together, we are poised to meet the increasing demand for advanced technologies driven by global trends towards decarbonization.”

This transaction underscores our commitment to growth and innovation in a rapidly evolving industry landscape. It is structured to ensure seamless integration, leveraging Spyrosoft’s robust technological infrastructure and global presence alongside Codibly’s specialized domain knowledge.

– For both Codibly and Spyrosoft, joining forces is a significant step – said Bartosz Majewski, Founder and CEO of Codibly – With Konrad Weiske, co-founder of the Spyrosoft Group, we have been active in the IT market for over a decade. Our long-standing relationship has resulted in numerous initiatives and joint projects. Collaborating with Spyrosoft will accelerate our growth by leveraging the synergy of business relationships and the technological capabilities of the group. For Spyrosoft, it presents an opportunity to enter new business areas where we have specialized over the years and to establish a presence in new markets. I am confident that this is the right move, one that will bring many benefits to our clients, partners, and employees. Furthermore, Spyrosoft’s plans to list on a foreign stock exchange are particularly attractive to us and constitute a key reason for our transaction.


After 13 years on the market, Codibly takes the next step

As of today, Codibly has been active in the market for over 13 years, pioneering software solutions that optimize electric power management, enhance energy efficiency, and support the electromobility ecosystem. With a presence in over 20 markets worldwide, including the USA, UK, Australia, France, Portugal, and Germany, our solutions serve a wide range of sectors such as energy, public utilities, fintech, healthcare, and HR. To date, we have successfully delivered over 150 complex projects to more than 130 clients globally.

As we start this new chapter as part of Spyrosoft Group, we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation, delivering value to our stakeholders, and shaping the future of sustainable technology solutions.

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