We’re a software development company with a strong focus on IoT development and solutions that boost digital sustainability and IT transformation.

Clutch is the world’s preeminent ratings and reviews platform for providers of B2B services. To be recognized by Clutch is one of the best messages a company like us can receive since Clutch rankings are determined by client reviews! Clutch conducts reviews from independently verified clients from around the world, so that you can feel comfortable as you find service providers for your next purchase of B2B services.

According to research by Clutch, we’re recognized by Clutch as one of the top developers in all of Poland! That is why we’re honored to show our stellar rating average on Clutch. We’ve received glowing reviews from clients from around the world, including a perfect 5.0-star review from Theunis Viljoen, Senior Partner at BIOLAP Limited who praised the cloud migration work that we performed for his consultancy practice.

“Our end client is happy, and we’re already planning another project with Codibly. We’re able to effectively manage the system they built.” – Theunius Viljoen, Senior Partner at BIOLAP Limited.



We’re incredibly grateful to Clutch and all our satisfied clients! If you need some inspiration for your next project or would just like to read about our other engagements, check out our client stories!