As the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading across the world, in Codibly we took the situation very seriously and starting from 16th March, we closed our office. All team switched to 100 % remote work for as long as necessary.

Remote communication and home office

People are the greatest value of Codibly and the health of our employees is the priority to us. We moved our office to our homes. We’re in an advantageous position, compared to a number of other companies, as we have the possibilities and long experience of working and collaborating remotely.

Remote work is part of our company’s culture. We have introduced the possibility for remote work long ago with the idea that freedom and flexibility of work support the creativity of our developers. Such an approach allowed us to quickly adapt our operations to remote working conditions in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tools and technology we use enable us to maintain the work and services at the same level as from the office, without any harm to quality and IT security.

Online meetings instead of business trips

We canceled all business trips and moved Client visits to online meetings. Our team is available as usual for current and potential customers. The only difference is that all communication takes place online. But as a company supporting green solutions, we have always been trying to limit all unnecessary business activities such as the frequent air travels to the minimum and replace visits by the online meetings.

Online recruitment processes

Despite difficult times, we are launching new projects for our clients, which is related to the need for expanding our teams. All our recruitment processes are now entirely carried out online, starting from HR interviews, technical tasks, team leader/hiring manager interviews, as well as onboarding process.

Apart from our place of work, nothing has changed. We have the necessary tools and methods to work online, thanks to which we can maintain the high quality of our services. As an innovative technology company, all of our teams are well equipped and fully prepared to work and support our Clients directly from the comfort and safety of their homes.

We invite you to contact us by email, phones and via online platforms.

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