VPP and DERMS solutions

The contract calls for Codibly to develop new features in the mission-critical system responsible for delivering use cases for the VPP and DERMS solution. Capabilities of the current platform will be also extended in terms of integration with multiple devices and the grid. Codibly will develop and implement new types of integration with the DERMS, incorporating smart heaters, inverters, as well as energy and battery management systems into resource management solutions.

The other side of the project scope involves integration with the grid operators, which opens the platform for the Demand Side Response programs, making distributed energy resources management even more efficient, flexible, and reliable.

“We are really excited that we will be able to help our client to make even bigger impact on the environment by harnessing power hidden in our homes, offices and public spaces. It means bringing digital sustainability on the whole new level” – says Mariusz Kraj, Chief Innovation Officer in Codibly.

Codibly will support the American team in efforts to extend the client’s ecosystem and meet critical business needs and goals. The role of the Polish company will focus on bringing deep industry knowledge into the project to provide added value from day one.