This White Paper presents Codibly’s concept for the modular battery storage solution that can be used both in the off and on-grid scenarios. The chosen architecture ensures that the cabinet is entirely self-sufficient and doesn’t require any control from outside. It also provides essential flexibility and scalability, leaving space for further solution development with centralized management within a cloud platform at the same time. Out-of-the-box integrations with grid services provide an easy way to generate revenue or further integration with the partner platform.

The White Paper will show you:

  • How building an Energy Manager can simplify integrating multiple battery cabinets
  • Why cloud platform is an efficient solution for battery arrays management
  • Why predictive maintenance is a solution that supports overall system health and maintenance
  • How to integrate multiple locations of energy managers to interact together within a central management system
  • What are the options of integrating the system with the grid and how to optimize it – OpenADR, OCCP, and 2030.5 protocols