For a couple of months now we’ve been organizing technology meetups, where our developers share their knowledge, thoughts, and experience in the field of the latest trends, practices, and features in various programming languages. And we’re getting better with every meetup hosted, so we’d like to invite you to the PHP event which will be held on the 26th of February in our office on 72 Długa Street. We start at 6 PM!

Our speakers will present three topics focused on the use of the flexibility of PHP language. There will be a lot about Facebook Messenger features based on PHP, presented by Łukasz and Radek. Andrzej will talk about the benefits of CI & CD. Here’s full agenda:

  • 18:00 – 18:15  Start
  • 18:15 – 18:45  Andrzej Piszczek – Improve your development workflow – benefits of CI & CD (PL)
    • Essential skills which nowadays developers should have
    • Why CI & CD is important?
    • Take advantages from gitlab-ci tool. Some examples from Codbily workflow
  • 18:45 – 18:50  Short Break
  • 18:50 – 19:20  Łukasz Krawczyk – Facebook Messenger Chatbot in PHP (PL)
    • How to create chatbot application with Symfony and kerox/messenger library
    • Facebook for developers and Messenger Platform – how to integrate your application with Facebook
    • Most common Messenger features examples – live and in the code
  • 19:20 – 19:30  Short Break
  • 19:30 – 20:00  Radek Smoczyński – The Messenger Component (Symfony) (PL)
    • This component changes a lot in daily Symfony app programming
    • Many questions about “CQRS in practice” around? Let’s get some answers
    • Sync and async communication with examples
  • 20:00 – 21:00  Networking + Pizza

Don’t forget to get your meetup ticket here.

You can also track Codibly events on our Facebook profile. Stay tuned!