Role of software in enabling energy transition

In the beginnings of renewable energy, technology had little impact on the efficiency of energy systems. Now it’s basically the driver of innovation and efficiency. Currently, software solutions enable comprehensive control over the whole energy process: generation, storage, distribution, and consumption. From the management of photovoltaic panels or wind turbines, through smart batteries and prioritizing usage of clean energy, to the control over DREs – grid cooperation, software is responsible for monitoring performance and health of hardware, data-storing, analyzing, and overall management of energy systems.

Each year, the energy sector is transforming more into a software business, as the innovative technology solutions shape the landscape of the energy and utilities expanding capabilities. With its increasing role in the energy business, software has to answer its biggest challenge – the energy transition.

The infographic will show you:

  • How software is changing the energy industry and boost energy business
  • Why energy transition is becoming more and more of a software challenge
  • Why software solutions outrivaled hardware technology development
  • How to improve energy business by software usage
  • What are the main benefits of using predictive analytics, big data, machine/deep learning and cloud computing in energy companies