Software for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Codibly will develop new features and integrations critical for the system responsible for providing advanced EV charging control, smart home integrations, and connecting EV to the grid. Polish IT company will focus on implementing new types of integration with the various car manufacturers, incorporating smart chargers, and home appliances, bringing deep industry knowledge into the project to provide added value from day one.

“Extending the list of supported devices gives us the opportunity to increase the positive impact on the environment. More people will be able to benefit from our client’s platform, which translates into lower CO2 emissions and lesser carbon footprint” – says Mariusz Kraj, Chief Innovation Officer in Codibly.

The development scope also includes integration with grid operators, enabling the platform to participate in Demand Side Response programs. The main idea is to use EV chargers as battery storage that allows to shift load and lower the impact of the EVs on the grid.