Solar monitoring software

Verify Energy Inc is a solar energy startup founded by a team of energy innovators creating the first plug-and-play solar monitoring system on the market. The company created The Solar Modem, which is the first cellular modem designed for the solar industry with an embedded, prepaid unlimited data plan on the nationwide T-Mobile network.

To develop its next solution, Verify Energy needed an experienced team formed and performing quickly, in order to meet near term deadlines. The company also wanted to establish sound engineering practices and a culture that was flexible and will scale without re-starts.

Codibly is energy and renewables-focused software house that helps to innovate and digitize companies by creating sustainability solutions. Apart from building solutions for the Energy & Utilities industry, Codibly offers the services of its highly-qualified and skilled IT engineers in TaaS (Team as a Service) model.

The Boost Group LLC, also with an energy focus, assists small businesses and startups with complex product development, architecture design, and leadership of engineering teams.

The project’s aim is to build the MVP features of the solution, including establishing the infrastructure, embedded software, and application layer needed to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities to investors and customers.

After a few days of SOW development and engineer skills vetting, the team was assembled. With both Boost and Codibly being Energy focused, Verify Energy was able to launch their first sprint on day three. All participants, already skilled in Agile, are able to grasp the tools and processes with no drag on productivity.

Jira, Status Hero, a shared Google drive, a Slack channel have been deployed, as well as daily standups via Google Meet have been established. With team members in the Pacific, Central European, and Indian standard time zones, there’s always someone working the project 20 hours each day, 5 ½ days a week. A centralized lab, reserved via google calendar, was created to share the complex prototype devices across time zones.

With over 30 years of combined energy system experience, the team was not going to waste time re-inventing the wheel. Verify Energy is leveraging their industry experience, standards such as IEEE 2030.5, 1547, and Sunspec for specific requirement guidance, the Boost Group’s value stream analysis of DER systems, and Codibly’s experience with best in class open-source software frameworks.

The team is now on their third sprint, on track for their early June demonstrations.

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