Outsourced Team as a Service

The time when all employees had to be located in the same place as their employer is far behind us. The number of outsourced IT services is growing. As Statista reports, IT outsourcing revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2025) of 5.8%, resulting in a market volume of US$429,514.9m by 2025. Globalization and digital transformation force business to evolve and innovate. Hence, a distributed workforce isn’t uncommon nowadays, especially since the digital era offers many easy to access online communication, management, and processing tools. You can simply outsource people you need to make progress with your company and not worry about the rest cause it’s already there.

Whether it’s nearshoring, offshoring, or onshoring, IT outsourcing, in general, has been noting the increasing trend of one of the cooperation models. According to Deloitte, there’s a shift within the IT market towards the everything-as-a-service model called XaaS, where the ‘X’ is a variable dependant on the offer. It can be software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and so on. 

Team as a Service (TaaS) or a dedicated software team, as one of the variables, gains popularity, mostly because this model provides a lot of flexibility in software development and allows companies to obtain a team that precisely rises to their expectations in terms of knowledge, resources, and performance. This, on the other hand, ensures a high level of understanding of clients’ business and expected outcomes, which results in tailor-made solutions. TaaS can cover various responsibilities like application development, support, management, web development, data administration, technical support, and more.

So why TaaS exactly?

Team as a service is a cooperation model that will work for you in several cases.

  1. Long-term collaboration and large projects: the assumption for the outcome is a bit blurry, and you are uncertain how to form the exact list of requirements. TaaS will give you room for potential changes along the way and adjusting the ongoing project to your business needs.
  2. Lack of a tech-team: a dedicated software team may act as your tech-team only outside the company. You won’t need to engage in a recruitment process that always takes a lot of time and effort to wrap up the details with new employees.
  3. Quick expanding the in-house team: if a project requires certain skills in pre-defined project areas that your specialists can’t cover, or you need more hands on deck immediately, TaaS will be the best option, as it is usually a well-matched group of specialists you’re lacking.
  4. In-house control of the project: you’re a stakeholder, you supervise the project and interact with the team regularly to maintain continuous control over solution development, but the work process is completely on the team provider’s side.
  5. Business growth plans: TaaS provides the necessary expertise and flexibility for rapid solution development kick-off. This approach guarantees you a fast product-to-market process and lets your business advance as quickly as possible.
  6. Continuous development or optimization: long-term goals in development require a reliable team and a certain flexibility of the approach, as the concept of the final result might evolve.

Pros and cons of the dedicated IT team

As mentioned earlier, TaaS is one of the models of cooperation with IT service providers. It certainly has many advantages, especially when it comes to long-term and large projects. 

The main one is the access to the experts of the required technology that you don’t have in-house. Once your requirements are determined, you can start working on a project instead of spending time on the internal recruitment process. 

Team as a Service may not be the least expensive cooperation model since you pay a monthly fee for the whole team. Still, it certainly works out financially in the end since the reduction includes risk, time, and considering those two, eventually also money. It is ensured by the flexibility of cooperation with your team – you have an ultimate influence on the team’s performance with the agile approach that enables you to control every stage of the project and implement changes if necessary. Especially, the team took the effort to understand your needs and goals to propose the best solution. As a result, the efficiency of work is significantly increased.

Of course,  a dedicated software team won’t be a perfect match for any project. It probably won’t be the best fit for short-term projects where you have to act almost instantly, but on the other hand, taking time in the beginning to understand the main project goals may save the effort later.

Regardless of the cost optimization, it’s not the cheapest model of cooperation. The team’s fee is established in the contract, but since you don’t have to have detailed specifications for the scope of the project, the ongoing changes and adaptations may extend the time to finish the work, hence the budget itself.

TaaS in Codibly

TaaS is one of the models of cooperation offered by Codibly, most of our projects are managed this way. We attach great importance to provide you the best-in-class experts with years of experience in their fields while forming a team that will match your needs regarding software development. Our developers have proved technical knowledge and industry expertise that we find essential to fully understand your demand. We build a team focused on bringing to life your business expectations.

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