“We choose the winners of our awards among people, institutions, and enterprises that have significant, ground-breaking influence on positive transformation in various sectors and industries and pinpoint the best ways towards economy development” – said Wojciech Kuśpik, initiator of EEC Trends, founder and publisher of Nowy Przemysł and WNP.PL portal, the president of PTWP Group. – “While nominating the laureates of WNP Awards, we pay attention to those particular aspects of their activities, which fit into the positive trends that shape our future. We’re trying to forecast it. We’re trying to indicate people, who, in our opinion, face the future challenges in the most effective way” – he added.

The award for Polish software houses

Bartosz Majewski and Jan Zborowski accepted the WNP award on behalf of the Software House business in Poland. The WNP Award was granted for creating a new polish specialty based on advanced technologies and knowledge. Euvic Group and SoDA Software Development

Association Poland grew out of start-ups built on technology, know-how and the creativity of their employees. Their business has been well-confirmed by taking noticeable spots within the Polish IT services market.

The full gala report is available here.