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At Codibly, our partnerships and advisory relationships are the cornerstone of innovation and strategic growth. Through collaboration with leading companies and insights from esteemed advisors, we’re driving transformative solutions at the nexus of technology and sustainable energy, ensuring a better, more efficient solution for our clients and a greener future for all.




OpenADR Alliance

As a Contributing Member of the OpenADR Alliance, Codibly is a proven technology implementation partner for a range of companies interested in exploring and implementing its latest Demand Response standards. Codibly has developed a pre-certified OpenADR 2.0b VEN Server that helps companies become compliant with OpenADR standards in a time and cost effective manner, and that helps the alliance broaden its reach, bringing more industry leading companies into the Demand Response ecosystem. The OpenADR Alliance has also engaged Codibly to support it directly as it continues to develop its new 3.0 standard, delivering a testing tool that its members can leverage as they seek to develop the solution necessary for 3.0 compliance. This collaboration highlights Codibly’s commitment to delivering future-proof, high-quality solutions that support sustainable energy practices.


Sage Utility Solutions

Sage Utility Solutions is a boutique consulting practice focused on helping utilities get their grid modernization & digital transformation projects across the finish line with higher value, and lower risk. Sage’s partnership with Codibly elevates our ability to assist utilities in the energy transition. Leveraging Sage’s program delivery expertise and Codibly’s deep technical knowledge in renewables, we provide superior support for utilities to upgrade their grid infrastructure rapidly. This collaboration ensures utilities are able to meet their transformation goals and performance targets, thanks to our combined strength in delivering cutting-edge solutions and technical excellence. Kyle Eagen, COO and Founder of Sage Solutions, alongside John Chisum, CEO and Founder of Sage Utility Solution, serve as the primary contacts for Codibly within our partnership framework.


Ross Smith

Ross Smith has been an Advisor to the Codibly Executive Team since 2022, helping guide the company’s expansion into the US market and broadening its capabilities to better support its mission to deliver leading solutions at the intersection of decarbonization and technology. Having previously been a Partner at PA Consulting’s Energy & Utilities practice for nearly two decades, Ross brings a wealth of expertise to the Codibly team. Ross remains an active industry leader and helps Codibly’s US team deliver across the value chain.


Aric Sauders

Aric Saunders has been Codibly’s Advisor since 2024. His vast expertise and experience are set to unlock new opportunities for Codibly, bolstering our strength in essential strategic areas. Aric brings to the table nearly 20 years of valuable experience in the solar and energy storage sectors, with significant positions at Electriq Power and Energizer Solar. He brings a deep network of leaders across the industry and offers our team valuable market insights into industry trends and challenges that help our team better target and support companies in the space.

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