Developing your OpenADR implementation can be challenging and time-consuming. Depending on your needs you might be interested in using our predeveloped OpenADR accelerator to implement OpenADR 2.0 or 3.0, or use our experience in developing it from scratch. As the official technology partner to the OpenADR Alliance, we see challenges every day that can slow down or stand in the way of a successful implementation and certification if they are not resolved. Codibly’s domain expert team have executed multiple successful OpenADR implementations, set up and executed tests, and helped achieve certification of both partial and full OpenADR deployment. We will guide your team in understanding the OpenADR specifications, help you choose the right version for you needs (OpenADR 2.0 or 3.0), help you test the developed server, and walk you through the certification process. By offering both OpenADR development, testing, and certification support we can save you time and money in the process.

IEEE 2030.5

IEEE 2030.5 is a crucial standard defining the exchanges between DER Management Systems and DER clients, such as Aggregators, Smart Inverters, and Facility EMS. Thanks to the years of experience in the renewables industry, Codibly’s domain experts will provide you with a clarity and foundation to implement, deploy, or specify products in accordance with the IEEE 2030.5 standard. We will guide you through its essential aspects, whether it’s aggregating DER with IEEE 2030.5, or its relationship with California Rule 21. If need be our experienced engineers will aid you in not only understanding both the technological and practical concept of its development, implementation, testing, and certification, but execute the development itself.

Integrating with the EnergyHub platform can be another way of implementing DR programs to you products. With our extensive experience we can guide and assist you through the development, implementation, testing, and certification of your DR program based on Energyhub. We will ensure to align your unique business requirements, with the platforms technology, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing infrastructure for enhanced efficiency in managing demand response programs and distributed energy resources (DERs). Our strategic implementation and experience in the testing and certification process can mitigate operational disruptions and maximize the programs reliability. By ensuring compliance with industry standards like Energyhub (based on OpenADR), and offering ongoing training and support, we will help you make the right choices for you business. 


OPC UA is distinguished by its ability to securely and reliably transport data and information among various systems, while supporting a wide range of data models and being platform-agnostic. Our expertise in OPC UA allows us to provide our clients with a fast and reliable integration process, typically operational within a few weeks, which is crucial for businesses in these fast-evolving industries. The OPC UA Accelerator caters to a diverse range of needs, from smaller renewable energy setups to extensive EV charging networks, capable of managing complex data and systems efficiently. We can tailor our OPC UA server to meet your specific operational requirements, enhancing data management, grid integration, remote monitoring, and overall system efficiency. Moreover,  by partnering with us, you gain access to a team of domain experts who offer consultations, specialized knowledge in both renewable energy and EVSE domains, and continuous technological support. This ensures that your infrastructure will not only be efficient and reliable, but also aligned with your strategic business goals.

OCPP protocol is the recognized standard for the communication between charging stations and a central management systems. It has been adapted by charging network operators, efleet aggregators, research facilities, charging equipment manufacturers, and software & systems providers. Our OCPP 1.6J and 2.0 solutions offer a streamlined and risk-reduced protocol implementation, ideal for stakeholders in the EVSE space. Our OCPP Accelerators allow you to optimize the protocol implementation by using reliable, pre-build, technology-agnostic microservices to minimize the time (up-and-running within 2 to 5 weeks) and cost needed for a safe and stable, ready-to-use deployment, scalable to manage thousands of charging stations. We can tailor our ready-to-use microservices, tailoring them to your unique business needs. By partnering with us you gain access to experienced domain experts, specialized technical knowledge, and a comprehensive support, ensuring that your EV charging infrastructure is not only efficient and reliable, but also aligned with your vision. 


Whether your looking to integrate OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) and OICP (Open InterCharge Protocol) into your product offering or EV charging infrastructure, we can help. Our approach focuses on customizing these protocols to blend with your existing infrastructure and technical ecosystem, ensuring interoperability and a broad network access. Relying on our pre-build accelerator and domain expertise while implementing OCPI and OICP enhances your EV charging network’s reach, allowing end-users to access a wider range of charge points and ensuring a seamless charging experience. We understand the efficient data management, data-driven analytics enable you to make informed operational decisions and improve customer retention and satisfaction. We will guide you from start to finish by providing technical consulting, domain expertise, efficient integration into your existing system, and compliance with industry standards.