Demand Response

About OpenADR

Demand Response

About OpenADR

OpenADR is an industry-standard protocol revolutionizing energy management in the renewable sector. It facilitates seamless communication between energy providers, system operators, and consumers, enabling dynamic response to demand signals. Codibly, at the forefront of OpenADR innovation, offers solutions ranging from accelerator development to certification support, empowering businesses to navigate the evolving landscape of energy efficiency with confidence and sustainability. Elevate your energy strategy with Codibly and embrace the future of demand response technologies.

Energy STar
To attain Energy Star certification, it’s crucial to integrate OpenADR VEN Accelerator. Our OpenADR VEN 2.0b Accelerator streamlines the certification process, saving both time and money during implementation. See more here

Rolf Bienert OpenADR

Rolf Bienert

Technical Director of the OpenADR Alliance

“Working closely with Codibly, an outstanding IT company and a contributing member to the OpenADR Alliance, has been instrumental in the successful development of the test tool for the 3.0 version of the OpenADR protocol. Their expertise and commitment to quality have played a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of this essential tool for the energy industry. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to advance the adoption of OpenADR technology.”

Consulting and Assessment

Enhance grid management with our Consulting and Assessment services, specializing in seamless OpenADR protocol integration. Our experts analyze, recommend, and tailor plans, offering insights into OpenADR. Through gap analysis, we address challenges, providing a pathway to optimized grid solutions. More than an assessment, it's your route to efficient grid management.


Acquire vital OpenADR skills with our training covering architecture, protocols, and standards. Prepare for certification through interactive sessions and hands-on training. Our business-focused course provides strategic insights, including cost-benefit analyses and integration into operations. Equip your team for informed decisions aligning OpenADR initiatives with strategic goals. Choose our training for holistic technical proficiency and strategic implementation.

Support and Maintenance

Ensure the continuous functionality of your OpenADR infrastructure with our Support and Maintenance services. We troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, stay updated with OpenADR protocol changes, and deliver timely system upgrades. Count on us for regulatory compliance and adherence to OpenADR standards, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your systems.

OpenADR Integration using Codibly VEN 2.0b Accelerator 

Optimize time and budget in your protocol implementation with our Codibly VEN Accelerator and its flexible licensing model. Tailor your protocol deployment efficiently, expediting integration within two months. This cost-effective solution is customized to your unique needs, ensuring swift and budget-conscious deployment.


OpenADR 2.0

Our team at Codibly has developed the OpenADR VEN accelerator for version 2.0, providing businesses with a powerful tool to enhance their energy management capabilities.

OpenADR 3.0

Codibly proudly collaborates with the OpenADR Alliance, contributing as a member to the development and evolution of OpenADR 3.0. Together, we're shaping the future of demand response technologies.

OpenADR Alliance Collaboration

OpenADR Products & Trainings

Explore our comprehensive suite of OpenADR products and trainings designed to elevate your energy management capabilities. From efficient protocol implementation with our certified Codibly VEN Accelerator to tailored training programs covering architecture, protocols, and strategic perspectives, we offer solutions that optimize both time and budget. Whether you’re seeking cutting-edge products or skill-building opportunities, our offerings ensure a seamless journey into the world of OpenADR, empowering you to make informed decisions and align initiatives with strategic goals. Welcome to a new era of energy management excellence.

OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 Consulting and Assessment

Leverage our expert Consulting and Assessment services to enhance your organization’s grid management strategies and seamlessly integrate OpenADR protocols. Our team of specialists provides in-depth analysis and recommendations, helping you identify and capitalize on opportunities to implement OpenADR effectively. Through our comprehensive consultation, we offer insights into OpenADR architecture, protocols, and best practices, tailoring a strategic plan to your specific requirements. Our gap analysis further identifies potential technical or regulatory challenges, ensuring a smooth transition to OpenADR integration. This service is not just an assessment but a pathway to optimized grid management and protocol implementation.


  • Assess your organization’s current grid management strategies and identify opportunities for implementing OpenADR.
  • Provide expert consultation on OpenADR architecture, protocols, and best practices.
  • Help you define your specific OpenADR requirements and develop a tailored implementation plan.
  • Conduct gap analysis to identify any potential technical or regulatory challenges.


OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 Training – The knowledge required for protocol implementation and certification: 


In the OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 Training focused on protocol implementation and certification, clients will gain essential knowledge and skills necessary for implementing the OpenADR protocol effectively. This comprehensive training covers the fundamentals of OpenADR architecture, protocols, and messaging standards. Clients will receive hands-on training on OpenADR tools, enhancing their practical skills. Additionally, the training prepares the clients’ team for OpenADR certification, ensuring they have the expertise and confidence to navigate the certification process successfully.

Session Overview:

  • Offer comprehensive OpenADR training programs for your employees and technical staff.
  • Cover the fundamentals of OpenADR architecture, protocols, and messaging standards.
  • Provide hands-on training on OpenADR tools 
  • Help your team prepare for and achieve OpenADR certification.


OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 Training – Business overview 


The OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 Training – Business Overview is tailored for business leaders and decision-makers, providing a strategic perspective on OpenADR implementation. Clients will learn about the business implications, cost-benefit analysis, and market trends related to OpenADR. This training offers insights into integrating OpenADR into existing business operations and engaging with customers and stakeholders effectively. Participants will also explore real-world case studies and develop strategies for building a compelling business case for OpenADR. This training equips clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions and align OpenADR initiatives with their organization’s strategic goals.

Session Overview:

This training session is designed to provide a comprehensive business perspective on OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0. It focuses on the strategic implications, business benefits, and practical considerations for organizations considering or currently implementing OpenADR solutions.

  • Introduction to OpenADR for Business Leaders
  • Market Trends and Industry Outlook
  • Business Case Studies
  • Integrating OpenADR into Existing Business Operations
  • Interactive Q&A Session


OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 Pre-certification process assistance 


In the Pre-Certification Process Assistance, clients will acquire a thorough understanding of the OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 certification process, including its requirements and timelines. They will be equipped with tools and knowledge for a readiness assessment to align their systems with OpenADR standards. The training provides essential resources and guidance for documentation and compliance, alongside technical advice for system configuration. By participating in mock certification tests and consultation sessions, clients will be well-prepared, confident, and ready for a successful certification journey.


This package is tailored to guide organizations through the initial stages of the OpenADR certification process. It focuses on preparing your team and systems for a smooth and successful certification experience.

Key Components:

  • Understanding the Certification Process:
    • Detailed walkthrough of the OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 certification process.
    • Timelines, key milestones, and important deadlines.
  • Readiness Assessment:
    • Evaluating your current systems and practices against OpenADR standards.
    • Identifying gaps and areas for improvement to meet certification requirements.
  • Documentation and Compliance:
    • Guidance on preparing necessary documentation for certification.
    • Understanding compliance requirements and how to meet them.
  • Technical Preparation:
    • Technical advice on configuring your systems for OpenADR compliance.
    • Best practices for a robust and compliant OpenADR implementation.
  • Consultation Sessions:
    • Personalized consulting sessions to address specific questions and concerns.
    • Expert advice tailored to your organization’s unique needs.


OpenADR 2.0b or 3.0 assist during certification 


During the Certification Assistance, clients receive real-time, expert support throughout the certification process. This includes effective navigation through each certification phase, direct liaison with certification bodies for clear communication, and ongoing technical support to maintain system functionality and compliance. Clients benefit from adaptive strategies to respond to any changes in certification criteria, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted certification process. Regular strategic reviews and adjustments are provided to align with certification goals, enhancing the likelihood of a successful and efficient certification outcome.


This package offers ongoing support and assistance during the actual OpenADR certification process. It ensures that organizations have expert guidance available at every step of the certification journey.

Key Services:

  • Real-Time Problem Solving:
    • Immediate assistance with technical or procedural issues encountered during certification.
    • Expert troubleshooting to minimize delays and complications.
  • Certification Process Navigation:
    • Guidance through each phase of the certification process.
    • Ensuring all steps are completed accurately and efficiently.
  • Direct Liaison with Certification Bodies:
    • Acting as an intermediary between your organization and certification authorities.
    • Clarifying requirements and facilitating smooth communication.
  • Ongoing Technical Support:
    • Continuous technical assistance throughout the certification process.
    • Ensuring your systems remain compliant and functional.
  • Adaptation to Changes:
    • Quick response to any changes or updates in certification criteria.
    • Adjusting strategies to accommodate new requirements.
  • Certification Strategy Reviews:
    • Regular reviews of your certification strategy to ensure alignment with goals.
    • Adjustments and recommendations based on the evolving certification landscape.



In partnership with the OpenADR Alliance, Codibly has developed a cutting-edge testing tool for OpenADR 3.0. This tool aims to simplify and streamline the integration process, ensuring a seamless adoption of the latest OpenADR standards.


OpenADR Testing Tool for 3.0


Reduced Risk

Ensure your OpenADR 3.0 solutions are compliant and functional, reducing the risk of releasing non-compliant products.


Improved Quality

Identify and rectify issues early in the development process to enhance the quality of your OpenADR 3.0 solutions.


Accelerated Time to Market

Streamline testing procedures, speeding up the deployment of your OpenADR 3.0 solutions.


Prepare for Certification

The final certification test will be carried out using the same tool. Therefore you will be well prepared for the test run by using the tool for your development.

Support and Maintenance

OpenADR Support and Maintenance 


Ensure the continuity and optimal performance of your OpenADR infrastructure with our dedicated OpenADR Support and Maintenance services. Our team is committed to providing ongoing support, promptly addressing and resolving any technical issues or challenges that may arise during the operation of your OpenADR systems. Stay ahead of the curve with our proactive approach, as we stay up to date with the OpenADR protocol updates and deliver timely upgrades to keep your systems aligned with the latest standards. Additionally, our services extend to assisting you with regulatory compliance, ensuring adherence to OpenADR standards and seamless integration within regulatory frameworks. Trust us to not only troubleshoot and maintain but also to proactively enhance and align your OpenADR systems for sustained efficiency.

  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance for your OpenADR infrastructure and applications.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues or challenges that arise during operation.
  • Stay abreast of OpenADR protocol updates and provide timely upgrades to your systems.
  • Assist with regulatory compliance and adherence to OpenADR standards.

OpenADR Integration using Codibly VEN 2.0b Accelerator 

Efficiently streamline your protocol implementation while optimizing both time and budget by leveraging our sophisticated licensing model. Our certified Codibly VEN Accelerator, featuring a flexible license model, enables tailored protocol deployment. Depending on the specifics of your implementation, this approach can expedite the integration process, allowing for a full implementation within just two months. This model not only accelerates deployment but also ensures a cost-effective solution tailored to your unique needs.


Codibly OpenADR 2.0b Certified VEN Accelerator implementation roadmap





Architecture Example

OpenADR Server

IPR OpenADR VEN 2.0b License


Microservices-based development is the most modern approach to software engineering that we believe fits best the rapidly changing electromobility market. By using our ready-to-implement OpenADR VEN 2.0b microservice we decrease the development cost and accelerate the implementation timeline.


How does it work?


  • OpenADR VEN 2.0b accelerator microservice License for perpetual use and modification awarded to  the Client
  • One-time fee for OpenADR VEN 2.0b accelerator microservice paid at the start of the project
  • Customization is possible and costs are included in the project

OpenADR VEN 2.0b Integration


Sophisticated Licensing Model:

The VEN Accelerator comes with a flexible licensing model, which allows for a tailored approach to protocol deployment. This model is adaptable to the specific needs of your implementation.


Rapid Integration Process:

The Accelerator can significantly expedite the integration process, potentially enabling full implementation within as little as two months, depending on the specifics of your project. 


Certified OpenADR Product:

The VEN Accelerator is a Certified OpenADR product, ensuring compliance and reliability


Cost-Effective Solution:

The licensing model is not only designed for efficiency but also cost-effectiveness, ensuring that you get a solution that aligns with your budgetary requirements.


Transferable Certification:

This certification can be transferred to any licensee of the product, provided that the company is a member of the OpenADR Alliance. This feature offers immediate certification benefits, simplifying the path to compliance


Time and Budget Optimization:

Streamlines protocol implementation, saving valuable time and resources

At Codibly, we are not just consultants; we are your partners in driving sustainable energy solutions through OpenADR. Contact us to embark on a journey towards a greener and more efficient energy future.

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