Demand Response

About OpenADR

Demand Response

About OpenADR

OpenADR is an industry-standard protocol revolutionizing energy management in the renewable sector. It facilitates seamless communication between energy providers, system operators, and consumers, enabling dynamic response to demand signals. Codibly, at the forefront of OpenADR innovation, offers solutions ranging from accelerator development to certification support, empowering businesses to navigate the evolving landscape of energy efficiency with confidence and sustainability. Elevate your energy strategy with Codibly and embrace the future of demand response technologies.

In partnership with the OpenADR Alliance, Codibly has developed a cutting-edge testing tool for OpenADR 3.0. This tool aims to simplify and streamline the integration process, ensuring a seamless adoption of the latest OpenADR standards.


OpenADR 2.0

Our team at Codibly has developed the OpenADR VEN accelerator for version 2.0, providing businesses with a powerful tool to enhance their energy management capabilities.

OpenADR 3.0

Codibly proudly collaborates with the OpenADR Alliance, contributing as a member to the development and evolution of OpenADR 3.0. Together, we're shaping the future of demand response technologies.

OpenADR Alliance Collaboration

OpenADR Testing Tool for 3.0


Reduced Risk

Ensure your OpenADR 3.0 solutions are compliant and functional, reducing the risk of releasing non-compliant products.


Improved Quality

Identify and rectify issues early in the development process to enhance the quality of your OpenADR 3.0 solutions.


Accelerated Time to Market

Streamline testing procedures, speeding up the deployment of your OpenADR 3.0 solutions.


Prepare for Certification

The final certification test will be carried out using the same tool. Therefore you will be well prepared for the test run by using the tool for your development.

Consulting and Workshops

Training Programs

Certification Support for OpenADR Devices

How We Can Help:

Guidance through Certification Process:

Our experts provide step-by-step guidance, helping you navigate the certification process smoothly. We understand the intricacies of OpenADR standards and work closely with your team to ensure compliance.

Device Testing Services:

Codibly offers specialized device testing services to identify and address any potential issues before the certification process. This proactive approach saves time and resources, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful certification.

Documentation Assistance:

We assist in preparing the necessary documentation required for certification. From technical specifications to test reports, we ensure that your submission meets all the requirements outlined by OpenADR.

Continuous Support:

Our commitment doesn't end with certification. Codibly provides ongoing support to address any post-certification challenges or updates, ensuring your devices remain compliant with evolving OpenADR standards.

At Codibly, we are not just consultants; we are your partners in driving sustainable energy solutions through OpenADR. Contact us to embark on a journey towards a greener and more efficient energy future.

The test tool for version 3.0

can be purchased on the OpenADR website


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