Software development -reliable product to market attitude

In business, almost everything comes down to the reliability of the offered solution. Having an idea or even some tangible seed of the planned solution may be too premature to be widely presented and used as business leverage. It is supposed to be only the first step on the way, instead of instant setting up the whole development process that may turn out as overkill for your business.

This is why we built up a team of innovation experts. Codibly Lab’s mission is to bring clients’ ideas to the market as fast as possible and enable them to launch a product, convince investors, or simply just improve companies’ performance. It doesn’t mean we have supernatural powers of programming ten times faster than any other technology company. We just make sure that companies take advantage of every little change introduced to the business by helping them validate their ideas, prepare products for presentations, or get some preliminary insights based on already collected data. Taking care of the reliability and usability of concepts, Codibly Lab ensures clients will attain their objectives.

We endorsed the principles of Rapid Application Development to build software in a fast and agile way, using the existing components, libraries, and knowledge Codibly elaborated. This approach enhances the whole conceptual process and allows creating a solid and functional foundation for further process development, like proof of concept for a product, technology setup obligatory for introducing AI/Machine Learning to the business or incorporate new technology strategy based on experience and consulting knowledge of solutions dedicated for the energy and utilities industry.

Proof of concept, Excel, and Access

The tools helpful in the preliminary stage of building the concept are Excel and Access. Solutions based on them give a variety of options when creating software development life cycle. However, they can occur as limiting in the long run. These tools are perfect for boosting productivity and ensuring priceless data insights, yet they aren’t flexible and scalable. Any augmentation with dynamic content or management access poses a challenge.

In Codibly, we have been working with dozens of Excel and Access solutions that have been developed into fully operational applications in further project stages within software development process, like thriving global platforms. Both tools can be used as a good base for more complex solutions, and they’re a good starting point. In the meantime, clients have time to check the primary assumptions and to consider whether there’s a real need for such an application. If the answer is ‘yes’, we can start building a Proof of Concept (PoC), the first version of the solution.

PoC will help verify if the given idea is a valid business case with minimum resources engagement. The main thought standing behind a PoC is creating a simple version of the end-solution to test it in terms of usability and meeting the market needs without engaging a big budget. Mostly, it doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare development process and deliver a tangible solution ready to validate the whole concept, to be tested, and developed into a cutting-edge application.

New product - consulting

Codibly Lab team are experts in development process, innovation and new technology, but they also have another crucial attribute, a deep knowledge of the energy and utilities industry specifics. We have been working with Utilities, startups, VPPs, DR aggregators, and consultancy companies for over nine years and became deeply acquainted with the needs, possibilities, and background of the energy market in global terms. The combination of expertise and experience in that field and technology knowledge gave us comprehensive capabilities to answer the changing needs and challenges of the biggest players within the energy industry. To ensure the transfer of knowledge, we created Codibly Energy Academy, where our employees and contractors get necessary information about the specifics of the energy, utilities industry.

While we constantly develop and broaden our industry knowledge and technology skills, the management background isn’t falling behind. After delivering dozens of projects, we know how to run and manage them effectively, including the management of multiple teams and developers involved, and how to establish reliable project management processes.

AI/ML workshops/PoC

Information is the new currency of the world, although it can be difficult to collect it or extract the most useful and meaningful data. We will help in harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms to deliver deep insights during AI/ML workshops or building a PoC based on those technologies.

In the first step, Codibly Lab team will verify what kind of data a client and review its quality. This is necessary for establishing whether AI/ML mechanisms will have proper data input to operate with.

Once we have a useful chunk of high quality data, we start building a PoC ML model that will help to identify any possible patterns, seasonalities, and other indications that could improve the business performance. Codibly Lab presents the results and describes particular techniques that have been used in the ML model and we can discuss further development info fully operational solution.

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Codibly Lab can support clients in discovering the improvements for their business that stayed hidden right within their reach. We optimize the resources and efforts necessary for verifying whether the whole concept would be a groundbreaking achievement or rather a business overkill if not thoroughly discussed and considered.

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