rensys is working with Codibly since 2017 but the official cooperation starts now.

Robert Siatecki, founder of rensys is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the energy sector and former lecturer at SRH University Heidelberg of applied sciences for economics and engineering in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Grid and Energy Management /Economics. Mr. Siatecki supports energy companies in the development of business strategies and products, engineering, as well as in economical and regulatory investigations and advice.

The company that he has been running for 10 years, focuses on grid-connected energy supply, renewable energy production, and digital transformation.

“The ongoing digitalization of the energy industry demands an interplay of interdisciplinary competences in the field of economy, information technology, regulatory framework, and energy technology. The cooperation of the system developer and – integrator Codibly and rensys, the management consultant, for energy industries fulfills these demands. The client will be eased of the execution of digital transformation” – says Robert Siatecki, the founder of Rensys

Codibly offers technological innovations for renewable energy. For over eight years the company has been helping energy companies, mostly in the United States and the UK, to increase efficiency by using IT technologies. Codibly specializes in developing operation management platforms, battery storage and management, demand response/smart grid solutions, wind turbine/solar farm management platforms, and other technologies that help to transform energy businesses into digitalized and efficient enterprises.

“As a technology consultancy company, we are missing the business part of the advisory. The collaboration with the management consultancy company, that specializes in the energy field on the local markets, allows us to provide the added value to potential energy clients in Germany. Thanks to the partnerships, by joining management consultancy and technology consultancy, together we can help to solve problems of German companies” – says Bartosz Majewski, CEO of Codibly.