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smart charging Smart charging
Energy management systems Energy management systems
Connectivity (OCPP, OCPI, OICP, and more) Connectivity (OCPP, OCPI, OICP, and more)
Electric Vehicles Fleet Management Centers Electric Vehicles Fleet Management Centers
Charging stations menegment systems Charging stations menegment systems
Demand repsonse systems Demand repsonse systems

Software engineering powered with EV know-how

Whether you are looking for end-to-end cooperation or an experienced remote team of software engineers with EV expertise - we are here to help you out.

Software team augmentation Scalable team of experts with EV know-how, experience and skills
MVP Ready-to-use app in three months
End-to-end projects Software that serves the cross-functional business needs
PoC Ready-to-use in two months
Product design Reliable UX team will design a product that stands out on the market

Ready-to-use microservices created by Codibly

Scalable and reliable solutions for quicker software development.

OCPP Server

Solution that ensures bi-directional communication between charging points and charging infrastructure management systems.

NREL Adapter

Integration to the NREL service that provides a variety of data for the renewables industry like a list of all EV charging stations with detailed information.

ElecticityMap Adapter

Integration to the electricityMap service that provides CO2 emission information of the grid that could be used to get incentives from smart charging.

OCPI Adapter

Solution that ensures automated roaming between various EV charging networks and information exchange.

Weather API

Integration provides all important weather information for a given location.


At Codibly, we offer specialized consultative and software development services to clients aiming to develop robust Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS) and Charging Station Management Systems (CSMS) for the evolving EVSE sector. Leveraging our deep industry expertise, we guide clients through the complexities of CPMS and CSMS development, from conceptualization to implementation. Our approach includes custom software solutions tailored to manage and monitor EV charging infrastructure effectively. We ensure our systems are equipped with features for real-time monitoring, user authentication, billing, and remote troubleshooting, all integrated within a user-friendly interface. Our team focuses on creating scalable, efficient, and reliable management systems that cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring seamless operation and maximized operational efficiency. Partnering with Codibly means gaining access to cutting-edge technological expertise and strategic insights, essential for developing state-of-the-art CPMS and CSMS that drive growth and success in the eMobility landscape.


EMSPs play a crucial role in the EV ecosystem by providing the necessary infrastructure and services that enable the widespread adoption and efficient use of electric vehicles. If you are looking to establish or enhance eMobility Service Provider platform, our team, equipped with extensive knowledge in the EVSE sector, is experienced to designing and implementing advanced eMSP solutions. We understand the nuances of creating user-centric platforms that facilitate seamless EV charging experiences for end-users, providing access to your network of charging stations, transparent pricing models and billing, and intuitive payment systems. Our domain expertise allows us to aid you in integrating effortlessly with existing EV charging infrastructures, ensuring operational efficiency, and designing scalability. We focus on delivering systems that not only meet the current demands of eMSPs but are also adaptable to future market changes and technological advancements. Partnering with us allows you to leverage our technological expertise and industry experience to develop innovative platforms that elevate your service offering, enhance UX, and drive sustainable growth in the dynamic eMobility market.


OCPP protocol is the recognized standard for the communication between charging stations and a central management systems. It has been adapted by charging network operators, efleet aggregators, research facilities, charging equipment manufacturers, and software & systems providers. Our OCPP 1.6J and 2.0 solutions offer a streamlined and risk-reduced protocol implementation, ideal for stakeholders in the EVSE space. Our OCPP Accelerators allow you to optimize the protocol implementation by using reliable, pre-build, technology-agnostic microservices to minimize the time (up-and-running within 2 to 5 weeks) and cost needed for a safe and stable, ready-to-use deployment, scalable to manage thousands of charging stations. We can tailor our ready-to-use microservices, tailoring them to your unique business needs. By partnering with us you gain access to experienced domain experts, specialized technical knowledge, and a comprehensive support, ensuring that your EV charging infrastructure is not only efficient and reliable, but also aligned with your vision.

Roaming services – OCPI / OICP

Whether your looking to integrate OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) and OICP (Open InterCharge Protocol) into your product offering or EV charging infrastructure, we can help. Our approach focuses on customizing these protocols to blend with your existing infrastructure and technical ecosystem, ensuring interoperability and a broad network access. Relying on our pre-build accelerator and domain expertise while implementing OCPI and OICP enhances your EV charging network’s reach, allowing end-users to access a wider range of charge points and ensuring a seamless charging experience. We understand the efficient data management, data-driven analytics enable you to make informed operational decisions and improve customer retention and satisfaction. We will guide you from start to finish by providing technical consulting, domain expertise, efficient integration into your existing system, and compliance with industry standards.

Integrate with EMS and BESS

Years of aiding our clients with both various Energy Management system projects (EMS, VPP, BESS etc) as well as understanding the domain-specific aspects of eMobility, gives us a unique perspective and expertise in areas where Renewable Energy and eMogility meet. We can leverage our multi-domain experience and the newest IT technologies providing comprehensive consulting and software development services, helping eMobility and EVSE companies integrate with Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Our technology-agnostic approach allows us to provide you with services in line with your infrastructure, ensuring seamless interoperability between EVSE infrastructures, and EMS, BESS, and renewable assets. We pride ourselves in enabling our client’s in achieving efficient energy management, enabling smart charging solutions that utilize stored renewable energy, increasing resilience during peak demand, optimizing power usage, and much more. Whether it’s through tailored software development with user-friendly interfaces, strategic consulting for effective integration, or providing you with the missing pieces to you existing teams, we strive to find the best way in which we can help accelerate your growth.

EV Fleet Charging Management Systems

Codibly offers a suite of specialized services for clients looking to design and develop EV Fleet Charging Management solutions. Whether you’re focusing on developing cloud-based SaaS platforms that integrate electric utilities with EV fleet operators, or are a utility looking to implement a DR program we can help. These types of solutions facilitate seamless energy trading and efficient management through solutions such as demand response (DR) programs, or Dynamic Load Management (DLM), ensuring load control at utility-specified levels across various EVSE devices. We design platforms that are versatile, supporting multiple EVSEs and protocols like MODBUS, ChargePointAPI, and OCPP, ensuring scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. We can help you understand the key user challenges, such as grid restrictions and energy consumption scheduling, and employ a comprehensive design process involving hybrid workshops, expert interviews, and iterative prototyping. Whether your require your platform to support multi-tenancy for commercialization, dynamic load management for effective DR management, or robust maintenance systems with intuitive workflows and smart notifications, we’ve done it all. Our holistic approach ensures our clients in the eMobility space receive a tailored, effective, and interoperable consultancy and software development services.


V2X encompasses a broad spectrum of connected communications, from real-time traffic information to smart charging and energy management. Codibly can assist in the development and implementation of various V2X applications, including Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), and Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technologies. Thanks to our keen understanding of the challenges of privacy, infrastructure, and legislation in V2X implementation, we offer solutions and services that address these challenges while enabling the adoption and development of these innovative technological concepts. Whether it’s creating secure communication systems to protect user privacy, developing infrastructure-compatible software, developing infrastructure-agnostic servers and services, and ensuring compliance with diverse legislative environments. By leveraging our domain expertise you can navigate the complexities of V2X technology, enabling more efficient, sustainable, and interconnected eMobility solutions.

Smart Charging

Years of experience in creating advanced cloud-based solutions for EV’s EVSE’s, and the renewables, we have developed a keen insight and expertise in regard to Smart Charging. Our team excels in crafting custom software solutions that enable effective communication between electric vehicles, charging stations, and operators through advanced cloud-based systems for optimal energy consumption management. We specialize in developing systems for power-sharing and load balancing, enhancing grid stability without the need for infrastructural changes. Our domain expertise extends to features like power boost for efficient electricity load management, crucial for homeowners with EV chargers. Additionally, we ensure that the Smart Charging systems we help design and implement are adaptable to renewable energy sources, future-proofing your solutions. We enable clients to effectively manage charging schedules, control electricity consumption, and automate billing, aligning with environmental sustainability and advancing technological innovation in the EVSE sector.

EV Driver Apps

At Codibly, we have experience working on all aspects of the EVSE industry, from OCPI implementation to client-facing apps for EV drivers. Our approach includes comprehensive consultative workshops to gather existing knowledge, and precisely identify you client’s needs, leading to the custom design and agile development of mobile applications that enrich their EV charging experience. We concentrate on accounting for all functional, and non-functional requirements when designing client facing apps, providing them with world-class UX. Whether you need an app with advanced features for locating charging stations, discerning charger types, monitoring charging status, planning efficient routes, real-time station updates, reservation systems, and community-driven insights, we can implement them into your app behind an intuitive UI. This ensures your end-users have all the necessary information, from charging speeds and compatibility to network-specific functionalities, at their fingertips. Partner with us to empower your EVSE business with smart, user-centric app solutions that simplify EV charging for drivers, enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and user engagement.

Demand Response integration

V2H and V2G will play an important role in Demanr Response programs in the upcoming future. That’s why more and more of our eMobility clients are choosing to get ahead of the curve by ensuring compliance with various DR programs. Our expertise lies in having both the experience in implementing DR programs as well as understanding the domain-specific aspects of eMobility. This enables us to provide tailored solutions for smart charging integration and grid management. We focus on developing custom software and integrations that facilitate load management and EV charging with grid demands. Our approach includes integrating Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies and ensuring compatibility with various charging infrastructures, and Demand Response protocols and standards such as IEEE 2030.5 or OpenADR. With the guidance of our domain experts, you can ensure compliance with DR program enabling your EVSE users to participate in financial incentives, and enhance overall grid stability. We believe our role is to ensure that you are equipped with the right technological solutions and expertise to succeed in the ever evolving landscape of eMobility and EVSE, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

EV Custom Software Development

Leveraging years of experience in successful EV and EVSE projects, Codibly excels in custom software development, specifically tailored for the eMobility sector. We understand that generic software often falls short in addressing the domain-specific challenges. Our expertise enables us to analyze your specific needs and ideas, gathering insights to create a strategic blueprint for your projects and products. Our workshop approach allows for a trial of our collaboration, offering a practical preview before committing to full-scale partnership. We prioritize providing honest, efficient, and cost-effective consulting without compromising on quality, focusing on solutions that solve current problems, while remaining scalable for future growth. Whether it’s implementing OCPP for EV charging infrastructures or advanced V2X capabilities, we ensure each solution is robust, scalable, and perfectly aligned with your infrastructure, business goals, and leading industry standards. From the initial concept to final deployment and ongoing support, Codibly’s team of domain experts will guide you throughout the development process, accelerating your growth, and providing your business with the technology it needs to succeed.

Dedicated Teams for eMobility

If you need to scale you product, need an experienced domain expert to lead the team in the right direction, or design and develop a new client-requested feature that’s not on your roadmap – Codibly is here to help. With 12 years of experience in delivering complex end-to-end EVSE projects, we offer top-tier software developers to help you accelerate growth of you products and projects. Whether it’s CSMS/CPMS, eMSP, CPO, OCPI/OICP, OCPP, EV Fleet Charging Management Systems, Demand Response, or V2X technologies, we have the specialized know-how to meet your specific engineering needs. Our approach is to seamlessly integrate our experts with your team, tailoring our resources to your current technological and business requirements. Our professionals are thoroughly vetted, and can quickly adapt to your project setup, providing a significant edge over traditional recruitment methods.

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