Sustainable Tech Projects Development / End-2-End Services

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At Codibly we specialize in delivering data-driven solutions supported by engineering expertise, intelligent software, and best-fit technologies. Whether it’s building a solution based on your requirements, creating an API integration, or integrating a specific protocol to an existing product we can do it all. We can build what you need from start to finish. After helping you analyze and define your business needs we create a time frame for development and estimate the costs. With your requirements in place, we will design the look and functionality of the product to fulfill your objectives. Our team of experts develops software using Agile methodology continually testing and fixing bugs to ensure that software works flawlessly and foolproof. We can take care of the architecture, servers, CI/CD pipelines, and monitoring or just pieces of the project you want us to take care of. Thank to our years of experience and hundreds of successful projects we strive to make applications reliable, secure and scalable.

Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators by Codibly, are a cohesive collection of modular software components meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges within the renewable energy and electromobility markets. These software building blocks are designed to serve as a solid foundation for developing bespoke applications and systems, significantly reducing development time and ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Solution Accelerators provide a scalable and maintainable framework, fostering collaboration and enabling rapid deployment of innovative solutions. By utilising these pre-built components, businesses can focus on their core competencies and specific use cases, while Codibly ensures compatibility, security, and compliance with industry standards. The benefits of using pre-build components lies in the accelerated time-to-market, reduced development costs, and the ability to leverage Codibly’s expertise in both the renewable energy and electromobility sectors. Thanks do their adaptability and interoperability they can be easily customised to meet the evolving market requirements and your business needs.

Tech Team Augmentation

Missing essential resources with industry know-how? Whether it’s one or many – we can help you fill the gaps by providing you with the missing proles for your teams and projects. Take advantage of our best software developers to ensure fast & scalable business growth. We use 12 years of our experience in delivering complex E2E projects to provide you with the best-performing teams on the market. We understand what you need and support you with the exact experience, and number of expert that you need for the time of the project. Based on your technological and business needs we use our expertise to blend your team and our resources appropriately. All of our experts can pass all necessary vetting processes and security clearances. Thanks to the fact that we have a low turnover rate our experts can be implemented faster into your team setup, providing a huge advantage over recruiting.

Renewable Consultancy

Codibly provides expert consulting services in regard to the software and technology use in the renewable energy sector. Our domain experts will help you navigate regulatory compliance, optimize energy management, ensure assets optimization, increase energy production predictability, and integrate into the energy market with thanks to our deep industry and technical knowledge. We offer services in regard to energy asset monitoring, DR programs, BESS management, and more, focusing on operational efficiency and innovation. Our services extend from DER aggregation, DERMS, VPPs, SCADA system, to E2E project delivery based on microservice implementation, ensuring technology solutions tailored to your specific needs. Codibly is your partner for strategic solutions, driving success and sustainability in renewable energy.

eMobility Consultancy

Codibly offers specialized consulting services for the eMobility and EVSE sector, aimed at transforming your challenges into strategic opportunities for accelerated growth. Our expertise spans across crucial areas like CSMS/CPMS, eMSP, CPO, OCPI/OICP, and OCPP, ensuring your EVSE infrastructure and services are efficient and standards-compliant. Our domain experts understand the growing importance of integration capabilities, and technology-agnostic solutions., We offer services to link your operations with Energy Management Systems and BESS, optimizing both energy usage, cost, and flee management. We understand that, EV Fleet Charging Management Systems, Demand Response, as well as V2X technologies pave the way for advanced, sustainable fleet operations, integrated operations with grid requirements, and contributing to a more resilient energy ecosystem. In our years of working on various eMobility projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on both client-facing EV driver apps, Smart Charging solutions, as well as operation and maintenance platforms. In summary, Codibly is your go-to partner for navigating the complexities of the EVSE sector, providing tailored services, domain expertise, and a deep understanding of what your business needs to drive favorable outcomes and sustainable growth.

Protocols Implementation and Certification

At Codibly we specializes in helping our clients in the renewables and eMobility sectors overcome challenges in protocol implementation and certification. Whethers it’s eMobility protocols like OCPP, OCPI/OICP, or CA Rule 21 related IEEE 2030.5 standard, our experts can assist you and guide you through the process from start to finish. Our approach clarifies and accelerates the rate of adoption of these complex protocols, significantly reducing deployment time to just a few weeks, while ensuring scalability for extensive networks, without a need to pay a recurring license fee. We tailor solutions to each client’s unique business needs, without compromising the efficiency and interoperability of their systems. Our expertise not only addresses technical integration but also focuses on comprehensive support and compliance with industry standards, solving key operational challenges and complying with regulatory obligations.

Thank to years of experience and hundreds of successfully completed RE and EV projects we are uniquely positioned to assist you with custom software development for the renewables and emobility sectors. We understand that off-the-shelf software often falls short in meeting the industry specific needs of our clients. Our domain expertise allows us to assess your ideas and challenges, gather the scattered knowledge from different stakeholders, and build a blueprint to jumpstart your software project. Our workshop process let’s you test our collaboration before engaging in a long term full-scale development and collaboration. Understanding the complexity and potential costs associated with custom software development, we concentrate on providing you with honest consulting, helping you make the most efficient, cost-effective decisions without compromising on quality. Our top to bottom approach includes a thorough understanding of our client’s current processes and future needs, ensuring the final product not only solves existing problems but is also scalable for future growth. With a team of experts in both technology and the renewables and eMobility sectors, Codibly provides comprehensive support throughout the development process, from initial concept to final deployment, including post-development support and maintenance. Whether it’s integrating protocols like OCPP for EV charging infrastructures to developing VPP’s for renewable energy management, Codibly ensures that each custom developed solution is scalable, and precisely aligned with our client’s existing infrastructure, branding, and business needs.

Team Augmentation - What is it and How To Make it Work With Codibly

The rapid evolution of the technology and market demands in the Renewables Energy and eMobility, cause many businesses struggle to keep their existing products development on track, while fulfilling new trends and regulations. At Codibly we understand how challenging it sometimes is to stick to the planned out product roadmap in light of these challenges. This is why we help our customer enhance and expedite the development of their existing products, ensuring they meet the latest industry standards and customer expectations, without having to sacrifice their product vision. Our team of domain experts, thanks to their specialized skills and an in-depth understanding of the industry, can aid you with integrating new technologies into existing platforms. Whether it’s through providing your teams with expert resources, or developing new features and functionalities, we possesses the expertise to seamlessly incorporate advanced features, such as sophisticated energy management capabilities or the latest EV charging protocols, into your products. Our focus is on working closely with your in-house teams, understanding the nuances of your existing products, and identifying the most efficient ways of collaboration. By partnering with us, you can overcome the hurdles of market driven product evolution, ensuring your value proposition stays relevant, efficient, and up-to-date with the fast-paced renewables and eMobility markets.


Codibly offers comprehensive Renewable Energy and eMobility technology training workshops, specifically designed to expedite your engineering and test teams’ understanding of new technologies for faster adaptation. We offer workshops and domain training in a range of key industry standards and technologies including IEEE 2030.5, OCPP 1.6J and 2.0, OPC UA, OpenADR 2 and 3.0, EnergyHub, and others. These courses provide your team with a solid conceptual understanding of each topic, specifically tailored to you business needs, a practical technical walkthrough, guided training on test enrivonments, and valuable insights into conformance and interoperability testing and certification. These workshops are ideal for businesses developing their products in the renewables and emobility space, as well as system integrators, aggregators, utilities, and other entities involved in acquiring or specifying regulation compliant products. Codibly’s Domain Training Workshops are flexible, can be conducted on-site or remotely, and are always tailored specifically for your organization and business needs. This behind-the-closed-doors format fosters an open discussion about company-specific challenges and provides valuable insights from our expert consultants, in a confidential setting.