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Codibly project process

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Discovery Workshops allow us to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the project domain and your business needs



Knowing what you’re aiming for, we prepare a detailed estimate drill down to the technical sub-tasks



Once we have all collaboration details, we process the legal part, create a contract and sign it



Project team implements your vision in close cooperation with stakeholders



We deliver a tailored solution and provide all required support

Our expertise

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Codibly offers comprehensive solutions for the Energy and Utilities industry. As a team of highly experienced experts, we provide customers with tailor-made software that makes a difference in their business. We are unleashing the full potential of your solution with the latest technology. Our deep understanding of the whole industry and its domains let us avoid the mistakes that can occur out of a lack of specific business logic. Our experience includes analytics, creating end-to-end solutions for solar and wind farms, wind plants, photovoltaics, and electromobility like asset management platforms, network operations centers, battery storage systems, or energy management systems.

Mariusz Kraj

Chief Innovation Officer

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