Regulatory Compliance

With the accelerated adaptation of renewable energy sources the energy sector is continually impacted by regulatory changes such as grid stability, energy production surplasa, trading on international energy markets just to name a few. Navigating these changes, requires a nuanced understanding of the industry and existing technical solutions, and a strategic approach. We have a vast experience in helping energy businesses navigate different regulatory frameworks and market dynamics. Whether it’s implementing IEEE 2030.5 standard to comply with demand response according to California Rule 21, or integrating into new energy markets such as WIRE (Poland), HUPX (Hungarian Power Exchange), and OTE (Czech Electricity and Gas Market Operator), we already have the experience needed to help companies tackle upcoming challenges. We will provide you with expert guidance and help you implement the necessary software changes or solutions to address these challenges, facilitating compliance with these diverse regulations.

Energy / Asset Optimization

In the pursuit of the green energy transition, efficient energy management, and energy asset optimization is crucial as the industry expands. Nowadays software-based solutions are making the effective management of energy and production resources easier than ever before. Data science, and AI algorithms make it possible to optimise asset usage, ensure energy production efficiency, predict the most optimal times for asset maintenance, and many others. However software solutions for the energy sector require an expertise of its own. It’s easy to get lost in the complexity of the various technologies and protocols used. That why it’s essential to find a reliable technological partner. With their help you can implement solutions that automate of wind farms production, optimize PV panels in real-time, introduce tailored asset management platforms, enhance your fleet performance, or extend the entire lifecycle of your assets. At Codibly we will help you gain the transparency needed for decision-making, in regard to the best available technical solutions, utilizing your data, making the most of your assets and optimizing your energy production.

Renewable Asset Monitoring

Demand Response

Renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydro are subject to environmental variability resulting in energy production instability. Monitoring these assets involves managing fluctuating input and output levels, preventive and predictive monitoring, and regular maintenance, to ensure reliable energy production, maintaining optimal performance, and ensuring longevity of the assets. With our expert guidance in navigating the complexities of renewable energy systems. Our team specializes in developing solutions that help to monitor and analyze data from renewable assets effectively. We understand the nuances of weather patterns, equipment wear and tear, and the integration of these assets into broader energy grids, and can aid you in the development of advanced tools for real-time data monitoring, analysis, maintenance scheduling, and asset failure preventive algorithms – helping to identify potential issues before they become costly problems. 

Energy Market Integrations

A shift of migrating toward cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy has radically changed the requirements facing global energy markets and grids. As a result, energy trading has become an exponentially more complex field that requires cutting-edge technology and strategic planning in order to maximise its efficiency and sustainability. However, depending on local legislation, each market follow’s it own specific set of rules, making the introduction of energy trading services to new energy markets a challenge of its own. We focus on offering insights and experienced developers that can aid you in understanding and leveraging the potential of new energy markets. The experience gained from the implementation of renewable energy services to markets across the EU, UK, and USA, gives us a deep understanding of market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and technological advancements essential for a successful integration. Our goal is to enable clients to make informed decisions, navigate the challenges of fulfilling the integration requirements, and establish themselves in these evolving energy landscapes.

Microgrid Enablement, Controls, and Optimization

As energy markets evolve in an effort to be more independent and flexible, the rise of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and microgrids is transforming how businesses and communities manage their energy needs. Microgrids and DERs empower energy consumers to become producers, creating resilient, efficient, and sometimes self-sustainable energy ecosystems. In order to work seamlessly two key parts for these ecosystems need to be aligned. The hardware (DER’s) and how it’s operated (software based energy management). Our domain expertise can aid you in understanding and leveraging the full capabilities of designing, implementing, and optimizing microgrid systems. We can help you in analyzing the requirements and resolving the IT challenges associated with microgrid implementation, deployment and operation. We can enhance the efficiency, stability, and sustainability of existing system, or execute the development of new microgrid control systems, from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring your microgrid projects are optimized for performance and aligned with their specific energy goals. 

DER Aggregation and VPPs

With energy demand being at an all time high, and the requirements for energy management systems rapidly evolving, our domain expertise can prove a pivotal advantage in navigating the complexities of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Aggregation and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). We can provide specialized consultancy and custom software development services to empower utilities and businesses in the transformative landscape of renewable energy. We’ve helped guide our clients through the strategic planning and implementation of VPP’s, and DER aggregation solutions, leveraging our expertise to optimize the energy management. The solutions we’ve helped create enable efficient management and seamless integration of renewable energy resources into the grid, enhancing grid resilience, operational efficiency, and maximized ROI. By partnering with us we can guide you from start to finish, and provide a roadmap for a sustainable, decentralized, and profitable energy future.

Residential & Commercial Energy Storage

Residential and Commercial Energy Storage stands at the forefront of the green revolution. As businesses and homeowners increasingly turn to renewable sources, the challenge lies in effectively managing energy production and utilization. This is where Codibly’s years of expertise in specializing innovative energy storage solutions tailored for both residential and commercial settings, comes into play. Our experience of building solutions that help our customers maximize the efficiency of renewable energy storage, provides us with a keen perspective in solving industry specific challenges. Whether it’s solar, wind, or hybrid systems, our domain experts have the knowledge needed to help you with accelerating your companies growth.

Pre-built Microservices Implementation and Customization

Microservices-based development is the most modern approach to software engineering that we believe fits best the ever-changing renewables landscape. By pre-developing all crucial components of essential technological services we can quickly customize and implement highly personalized solutions that fit our customers business needs. All of our microservices are implemented on a lifetime perpetual license, and can be used free of any additional fees by our clients, helping them with the growth of their companies. 


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