Codibly’s modular platform

Technology companies offer a wide range of EV software solutions, end-to-end or white label platforms. Despite the differences, they all provide real-time information to optimize operations and analyze business and technical data for better decision-making. However, not all of them are flexible and tailored to clients’ business needs.

In contrast, Codibly’s charging management software consists of solutions that you can choose and adjust to your company. Thanks to dedicated modules, such as charge point operator and e-mobility service provider, you are able to launch, operate and grow your charging network. What’s more, you can take advantage of our ready-to-use microservices and implement the OCPP protocol and EV roaming within your company.

Charge Point Operator’s solution

Charge point operator’s module enables remote management and maintenance of the charging stations. The software collects all the data about the current status of chargers and their connectors. Thus, support specialists can create various tasks and automate their work. Thanks to live monitoring of each charging session, many of the issues can be solved almost immediately. What’s more, charge point operators can set prices for the use of their EV infrastructure, such as a starting fee, a volume-based fee or a duration-based fee.

All the features are provided in order to help charge point operators to manage, monitor and optimize electric vehicles’ charging. Some of them are listed below:

  • Summary of the number of chargers and their status
  • List of chargers and their connectors
  • Current status of the chargers and charging history
  • Summary of charging sessions
  • Users and roles management
  • Assignment of a price list to a specific socket
  • Prices set up

eMobility Service Provider’s solution

Besides a CPO solution, Codibly’s software includes a module dedicated to e-mobility service providers. It enables them to optimize EV charging services and increase EV drivers’ satisfaction. The aim of the solution is to provide an easy access to charge points within the eMSP’s network – or other networks via eRoaming. Therefore, it collects all the data that are valuable for EV drivers, such as the location of a charging station, charging session details or pricing information.

A great convenience for EV drivers is a mobile application, where they can find a map with all the chargers nearby and start navigating to the destination. When it comes to payment methods, registered users can pay for charging their electric vehicle via credit/debit card. In case they don’t have an account, it is possible to make a one-time payment through web browser and a prepaid card. Hence, a fully integrated mobile app lets users experience the complete and effortless flow of EV charging. Here are some of the software’s features:

  • Map with all chargers in the mobile application
  • Details of the selected charging station and its’ chargers
  • Pricing information
  • Current status of the charging process (duration, time to full charge, charging power)
  • Session start/stop
  • For the mobile app for drivers: payment via credit/debit card and PayU
  • Payment without login: one-time payment option, no registration required.
  • Navigation to the selected charging station
  • Customized pricing and tariffs for charging sessions
  • Customized summaries and reports for your business

OCPP and EV roaming implementation 

Codibly’s charging management software is OCPP-compliant. OCPP, itself, is an open-source communication standard for EV charging stations and network software companies. It means that if the software is OCPP-compliant, it can be ran by any OCPP-compliant EV charging station. At the same time, charge point operators can get access to features that a non-OCPP software doesn’t provide. Therefore, you gain flexibility and scalability.

What’s more, Codibly’s solution integrates with all the roaming platforms (Hubject, e-Clearing Gireve) and supports OCPI-based roaming, enabling a scalable EV roaming setup between CPOs and eMSPs. Thanks to eRoaming, customers can plug and charge their cars at any eMSP’s charging station, without a unified customer account. It gives them freedom of choice and improves their EV charging experience. On the other hand, CPOs can grow the number of EV drivers charging at their charging stations.

Benefits of EV charging management software by Codibly

The electric mobility market is definitely growing. To meet the high demand for EV charging, it is crucial to develop a complex EV infrastructure and software solutions that will help to manage and maintain charging stations. If you are looking for the right solution that will enable you to grow your businesses, gain new opportunities and interoperability, Codibly’s charging station management software is for you. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Fast time-to-market
  • The control payment process with out-of-the-box payment integration with PayU
  • Interoperability with 10+ charging stations manufacturers
  • Hardware-agnostic – integration with any OCPP-compliant charge point
  • Charging station maintenance – easy and comprehensive maintenance of charge points
  • Drivers’ management
  • Security and scalability – high security standards and high scalability for your growing business